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Periscope Urbain

House with a view

Often architects and clients search and design architecture of the maximum.

Maximum light, maximum square m2 and maximum views. Although such a logic makes perfect sense in most cases, it can sometimes backfire.

For this project, the client asked us to design a small living unit between two large houses without dramatically damaging the views these houses currently benefit.

Quickly we realised that the default logic of maximum design would inevitably be detrimental for the project itself but also for both neighboors.

We therefore resorted to the opposite logic, one of minimum design. The resulting project with the minimum footprint possible, the minimum legal square m2 for a house and the minimum amount of windows (one).


Antoine Vaxelaire, Ariadna Barthe
Atelier De Visscher & Vincentelli
Periscope Urbain
Periscope Urbain
Periscope Urbain